About Josh Duvauchelle

Aloha! I’m originally from Hawaii but I now live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

By day, I’m a communication specialist, marketing strategist, and creative consultant who enjoys helping companies, brands and agencies create communication strategies, build websites and design customer journeys that help my clients manifest their goals.

By night, I’m a certified personal trainer and health coach whose wellness advice has been featured in national media like Men’s Journal, Eating Well, Teen Vogue, MSN Health, and USA Today.

My career has led me through many diverse and exciting iterations. I’ve sat on a Canadian nonprofit’s executive leadership team; led marketing at a Vancouver-based SaaS, overseeing paid campaigns, website launches, content strategy and more; managed my own successful creative/marketing agency; and managed operations for a global fitness training company helping to build a multi-million dollar business.

I live and breathe:

> Communication and content strategy. I’ve led all aspects of creative and content and have worked closely as a support lead on public relations, cross-department strategy building, etc.

> Social media and online community management. I’ve launched numerous social campaigns for brands, such as influencer outreach and social contests, focused on growing followers and building engagement.

> Creating successful creative/marketing teams. We should always surround ourselves with people who only lift us higher, and a brand is only as good as its people. I’ve built multiple teams and sourced talent. I once took over the restructuring and realignment of personnel and took two teams from the bottom to the top of the company’s employee morale scores.

> Managing editorial and branding styles. I’ve established a brand’s voice, set visual tones and created in-house style guides.

As a thought leader, I come up with reader-grabbing story headlines, smart content strategy and savvy marketing proposals. Being detail oriented, I love scrutinizing the placement of periods and HTML code. As a self-motivated entrepreneur and life coach, I’m always trying to find ways to squeeze yoga into even the busiest of days.

** StrengthsFinder 2.0 Results ** Achiever + Strategic + Learner + Maximizer + Activator