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What is grace?

“If we want hell, if we want heaven, they are ours. That’s how love works. It can’t be forced, manipulated, or coerced. It always leaves room for the other to decide. God says yes, we can have what we want, because love wins.” — Rob Bell

I’m finally finishing Bell’s book Love Wins, and I’m struck over and over again about the radical nature of grace and love. Specifically, how it applies in my own life and to my own friendships and relationships.

Grace is mystical and magical and, most importantly, radical. It changes your scars into lighthouses that light our paths. It turns our hope for a brighter past into the promise of a better future. It turns every relationship into a paradox. It turns your mistakes into the parachute that catches you. It turns the biggest “impossible” into the simplest “I can.” It turns the lost into not just the found, but the saving foundation for the others who are lost. It pours beauty into every crack and flaw. It gives a second chance where there was no chance. It gives you the power to say, “All I have is this, and I am enough.” It puts courage into the Now, and forgiveness into the Past, and Hope into Forever. It sets you free to love, and it waits there for when that love hurts. It puts dreams into your dreams. And in the end, grace summarizes God’s version of our story.

“We can trust God’s retelling of our story, or we can cling to our version of our story. […] We’re invited to trust the retelling now.” — Rob Bell

author: Josh Duvauchelle

Josh is a health coach and certified personal trainer with a nutrition certificate from Cornell. By loving yourself and caring for your physical health, you create a sacred space to manifest your highest, happiest divine self.


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