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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Yoga Enthusiasts

Some of the most popular new year’s resolutions, according to U.S. government researchers, tend to focus on our physical health – losing weight, eating healthy food, quitting smoking and more.  For those of us who also focus on our spiritual health and desire to grow our inner light brighter, this coming new year offers us a symbolic reminder to reset, renew and find ways to evolve our mindfulness practices, both on and off the yoga mat. As we launch into a new year, take a look at your spiritual and awareness habits and see if there are areas where you can experience more light, peace, joy and growth.

1. Take a new path

It’s easy to settle into a routine, even in our spiritual and health practices. There’s nothing wrong with finding what you enjoy and sticking with it, but so often “sticking with it” becomes “stuck in a rut.” We can get comfortable and stop pushing ourselves to reach further into a yoga pose, or higher into new levels of enlightenment. This year, resolve to try something new. Pick up a new self-help book. Sign up for a new style of yoga – switch from Ashtanga to Hatha, or fill up a water bottle and get into one of those hot yoga rooms you swore you’d never visit. Join a gym’s bootcamp. Train for a community
run. Allow yourself to get excited about a new spiritual, emotional or fitness journey.

2.  Detox your community

Juice cleanses and detoxes are all the rage at the start of a new year, but have you considered a community detox? The type of people we surround ourselves with play a big role in determining our success. Research in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that positive social support helps us to maintain long-term romantic relationships. Numerous studies have found that students who have successful friends find similar success. And on and on these studies go!

Our social circles play a big role in how we feel, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Have you ever come away from a conversation with a friend and feel down, out and gloomy? This year, resolve to set healthy boundaries. Surround yourself with people who elevate your consciousness. Choose to be with people who are living, thinking and doing the things you want to see more of in your life. By detoxing your social circle, you make room for more abundance.

3. Honor yourself with what you take in

We all know, up here in our brain, what’s good for us. More vegetables. More water. More superfoods. Less sugar. Less caffeine. But what we take in emotionally and spiritually also affects us, and by strengthening our emotional and spiritual health, we create more will power and self-resolve to tackle our physical health goals. This year, honor your inner self by putting your soul on a spiritual diet. Pay attention to the messages you receive through books, media, online videos and blogs. Are these things feeding your soul with positive vibes, evolving philosophies, vibrant encouragement to make this world around you a better place? Or are the spiritual and emotional messages that you feed your soul acting like spiritual empty carbs and emotional toxins, polluting your inner temple? Resolve to evolve with spiritual food that builds you up.

author: Josh Duvauchelle

Josh is a health coach and certified personal trainer with a nutrition certificate from Cornell. By loving yourself and caring for your physical health, you create a sacred space to manifest your highest, happiest divine self.


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