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Let's Develop Your Divine Potential

Aloha! I’m originally from Hawaii, but now I live in beautiful Victoria, B.C. I’m a health and fitness writer and published author — you’ll often see my advice in LifehackerMen’s Journal, Alive, Eating Well, Best Health, Paste, Mind Body Green and more. I love to speak from my background as a health coach and certified personal trainer devoted to helping each of us to:

  • embody our divine potential;
  • develop a spiritual practice; and
  • become our happiest selves through a healthy, grounded approach to exercise, food and lifestyle.

As a Native Hawaiian, the aloha spirit has profoundly influenced my deep recognition of our oneness with joy and peace. A healthy lifestyle — nourishing our body, practicing mindfulness and moving our body — creates a sacred space for us to experience this oneness. In my research, I have found that if we devote ourselves to honouring our body, it gives us the freedom to evolve both physically and spiritually. Working towards optimum physical health uplifts our approach to all of life’s challenges, and not just the challenge of finishing one last kilometre on our run or one last set of squats in the gym.


Our resolve and commitment to live a physically healthy life is empowered when we learn how to tap into our inner divine strength — what A Course in Miracles calls trusting the strength of God within you — and use that strength both in the gym and outside the gym.


No matter your belief system, let me show you how your exercise, food and lifestyle can be vital spiritual tools in your journey towards self-realization and self-actualization. This is your chance to create a temple of peace and love. And when this temple is your own body and mind, you can move out into the rest of the world and take this same peace and love with you.


Your happiest, healthiest self awaits you!

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