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I love sharing my message of fitness, nutrition and health as a profoundly spiritual experience. My story is seen by hundreds of thousands every month! I’ve written for, and been interviewed by, a wide range of publications across North America. Examples include Alive magazine, Men’s Journal, Eating Well magazine, Lifehacker, CNBC, The Health Journal, SheKnows magazine, USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Teen Vogue and more. Below are just a few samples of media interviews and published features.

“Stress and exhaustion can cause us to crave junk food,” says Duvauchelle. “But the carbohydrates and empty calories can drain our body and don’t help us rebuild energy related to adrenal fatigue and travel stress.” He suggests opting for high-protein meals and snacks. “Protein helps boost alertness,” he said. “Pair protein with a whole grain to really refuel your energy.”

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Give thanks and let go of what you can't control. Multiple studies have shown that expressing gratitude increases happiness. Research shows we have a greater sense of well-being when we accept what can’t be changed.

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