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Does health mean more to you than just a number on a bathroom scale? I’m talking true health. The kind of stuff that makes you glow on a soul level. Not waistlines. Not six-pack abs. Not miles on a treadmill. I’m talking vibrancy, light and love.


Do you have a pile of self-help books on your desk? For you, words like “mindfulness” and “self-love” are not just Instagram catch phrases. You’re constantly seeking the inner peace and unbounded joy that only comes from aligning yourself with your divine potential.


If any of the above resonates with you, let’s be best friends. You and I share the same vibe, seeking miracles in the every day as we push towards being our happiest, healthiest self.


Tap into our shared energy. I’ve devoted my life to light and love, hungrily flipping through the latest books, attending the latest lectures, and soaking in the collective wisdom of various spiritual leaders. What I’ve learned, especially in my work as a certified personal trainer with a background in nutrition, is that health and wellness is a gateway. But the choice is ours: Are we ready to start this journey?


Step into that gateway. I’ve seen a few interesting scenarios:

  • Many of us who are steeped in new thought and self-actualization don’t know always know where to start. “There’s just so much,” I often hear from you. Starting with concrete actionable items, like a specific workout plan or food plan, can bring these seemingly open-ended self help concepts into specific life-changing steps.
  • Those of us who have played with physical movement, whether it’s a regular gym practice or a burgeoning yoga hobby, have noticed how we are more aware of our self through exercise, and more open to spiritual breakthroughs when we’re regularly active.


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  • Chat about spiritual insights, mantras, prayers and soul-growing lessons that we can unearth from a regular wellness program.


You’ll walk away every week not just knowing how to put my wellness tips into practical use, but also how being mindful and present in your wellness routine can actually create a sacred space for us to evolve not just physically, but also spiritually!

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